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Livingston clan badge Copyright 1995-2015 by Celtic Studio

CREST: A demi savage wreathed about the head and middle with laurel leaves, in dexter a club, in sinister a serpent entwined round the arm, all Proper.
MOTTO: Si je puis
PLANT: Unknown
GAELIC NAME: Mac an Leigh
ORIGIN OF NAME: Place name: Linlithgow
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Livingston History

The name is probably territorial in origin, deriving from lands of the same name in West Lothian. According to one legend, the lands were named after a Saxon called Leving. There is record of one Livingus living during the reigns of Alexander I and David I. Sir William Livingstone, believed to be his great grandson, had three sons. Two of his younger sons appear on the Ragman Rolls swearing fealty to Edward I of England in 1296. His eldest son followed David II on his invasion of England in 1346. He was one of the commissioners to England who negotiated the release of the king and was thereafter granted the barony of Callendar.

Sir Alexander Livingstone of Callendar was one of the guardians of the infant James II. In 1440 the Livingstones were instrumental in persuading the young Earl of Douglas and his brother to attend a banquet of reconciliation in Edinburgh Castle. The Douglases were promptly seized and executed. In revenge, the Douglases imprisoned Livingstone and killed one of his sons. Another son, Sir James Livingstone, was created captain of Stirling Castle and later Great Chamberlain of Scotland. He was raised to the peerage as Lord Livingstone in 1458. He died without issue and the title devolved upon his nephew, John. In 1543 Alexander, the 5th Lord Livingstone, was one of the noblemen chosen to educate the young Mary, Queen of Scots. William, his son who succeeded him as 6th Lord, was a fierce adherent of Mary' s cause. In 1600 Livingstone was raised to the rank of Earl of Linlithgow and the 2nd Earl was created Hereditary Constable of the Royal Palace at Linlithgow. His son, George, remained loyal to the Crown during the civil war and the estates suffered, first at the hands of the Army of the Covenant and later the forces of Cromwell. The family supported the Jacobite cause, and for their part in the 1715 rising the titles were forfeited.

The Livingstones of Bachuil had received a grant of lands on the island of Lismore as hereditary keepers of the crozier of St. Moluag. The Celtic barony attached to the hereditary keepership was recognized by Parliament. The Barons of Bachuil are still keepers of this sacred relic and live on their ancient lands on Lismore.

Robert Livingston emigrated in 1673 and his family became influential in the USA during colonial times.

In the reign of Charles I one of the titled Livingstons was granted certain hereditary rights in Argyll and some of his adherents formed themselves into a clan with the name Mac Donleavy or Macleay. Doctor David Livingstone, the famous African explorer and missionary, was descended from the Macleays of Appin.

purple celtic bar
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