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CREST: Out of a chapeau Gules turned Ermine a demi lion rampant Gules,holding in the dexter paw a sword Proper, pommelled Or.
MOTTO: Fide et fortitudine
TRANSLATION: With faith and fortitude.
PLANT: Seedling Scots fir or red whortleberry
GAELIC NAME: Mac Fhearchair
ORIGIN OF NAME: Gaelic, "very dear one".
WAR CRY: Carn na cuimhne (Cairn of remembrance)
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Farquharsons traced their origin back to Farquhar, fourth son of Alexander Cier (Shaw) of Rothiemurcus, who possessed the Braes of Mar near the source of the river Dee in Aberdeenshire. His descendants were called Farquharsons, and his son, Donald, married Isobel Stewart, heiress of Invercauld. Donald' s son, Finla Mor, was the real progenitor of the clan. The Gaelic patronymic is MacFionlaigh Mor. He was royal standard bearer at the Battle of Pinkie, where he was killed in 1547. From his lifetime onwards the clan grew in stature, important branches being founded through the nine sons of his two marriages. The Farquharsons were not as numerous as some of their neighbours, but formed part of the confederation known as Clan Chattan. When the Erskines set out to reassert their claim over the ancient Earldom of Mar at the end of the sixteenth century they were opposed around Braemar by the increasing power of the Farquharsons. John Erskine built a castle at Braemar to defend his lands, but it ultimately passed into the hands of the Farquharsons.
The Clan' s fierce reputation led to their being known as the fighting Farquharsons and they were staunch supporters of the Stuarts. Donald Farquharson of Monaltrie fought with Montrose in 1644, and the family later supported Charles II. John Farquharson of Inverey, known as the Black Colonel, declared for James VII and followed Graham of Claverhouse, the famous "Bonnie Dundee", in 1689. In the Jacobite rising of 1715, John Farquharson of Invercauld joined the Clan Chattan regiment of which he was colonel.
Undaunted, the Farquharsons supported Bonnie Prince Charlie and at Culloden in 1746 were led by Francis Farquharson of Monaltrie, the chief' s nephew. He was taken prisoner and condemned to be executed at the Tower of London, only being reprieved along with two other Highland officers on the very morning of the execution. The chief died in 1750 and was succeeded by his son, James, who died in 1805. From his marriage to Amelia, daughter of Lord George Murray, the renowned Jacobite general, 11 children were born but all but his youngest daughter, Catherine, predeceased him. In 1815 she was recognized by Lyon Court as chief of the name of Farquharson. She was succeeded by her son, James. On the death in 1936 of James' s descendant, Alexander Haldane Farquharson of Invercauld, the arms were confirmed to his daughter, Myrtle Farquharson of Invercauld, but she was killed in an air raid in 1941. The succession then passed to her nephew, Captain Alwyne Compton Farquharson of Invercauld. Much of the ancestral estates still remains in the family hands, and Braemar Castle is fully restored and now open to the public. The Braemar Highland Gathering is world famous, having enjoyed royal patronage since the reign of Queen Victoria.
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